Why We May Be Surrounded by Older Alien Civilizations

Are alien civilizations likely to be younger or older than us in age? A basic question that seems insurmountable until we start detecting them. But even before that, we can use some logical deduction using lifetime distribution statistics to determine the most plausible answer to this question. Join us today for an explanation of our new research paper on this topic.

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[HoI4] Alien Invasion Mod w/ Historic WW2 Timeline [AI Only Timelapse]

HoI4 «Historic» AI-Only WW2 timelapse with Alien Invasion mod. What if reported Foo Fighters were actual alien sightings?

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Hearts of Iron 4 AI only simulation.

Historic, Buffed Majors

Alien Invasion Mod
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Was There Someone Here Before Us? And Unusual Technosignatures with Jason Wright

Were there prior technological civilizations in our solar system?
What are some unusual and odd alien technosignatures?

Jason Wright joins John Michael Godier to explore unusual technosignatures from alien civilizations. Looking for red spirals, dyson spheres, and other signs of intelligent life within the universe. The idea of prior technological civilizations existing either on ancient venus, mars, or even earth is explored. Would they be aliens if they came from earth then left?

Prior Indigenous Technological Species by Jason T. Wright: arxiv.org/abs/1704.07263
AstroWright Blog: sites.psu.edu/astrowright/
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Ep. 10 | The Basement Office | UFO sightings with aliens | Close Encounters | New York Post

There are many documented cases of witnesses claiming to have not only seen a UFO, but they also claim to have seen the occupants of that UFO. In pop culture, these «occupants» are often referred to as «aliens». But are they really? Nick Pope and Steven Greenstreet dive into some of the most famous cases of «close encounters of the third kind».

Cases covered:

Aurora, Texas 1897
Lonnie Zamora, Socorro, New Mexico 1964
Valensole, France 1965
Canary Islands, 1976
Ariel School, Zimbabwe 1994 (watch more about this case at ArielPhenomenon.com)

#TheBasementOffice #UFOs

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Eye of the Tiger

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Eye of the Tiger · Survivor

Eye Of The Tiger

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Released on: 1991-01-01

Guitar, Piano, Composer, Lyricist, Producer: Jim Peterik
Vocal: Dave Bickler
Guitar, Composer, Lyricist, Producer: Frankie Sullivan
Drums: Marc Droubay
Bass: Stephan Ellis
Synthesizer: Daryl Dragon
Engineer: Mike Clink
Engineer: Phil Bonanno

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