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Music is called The Darkness (Remix) by Built By Titan.
Featuring amazing vocals by Svrcina!
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Film by Devin Graham and Tyson Henderson
Produced by Carter Hogan
Edit by Tyson Henderson using Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Sound Design by Dan Pugsley
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Aerial Cinematographer: Jon Devore

Super thanks to Temp Media for providing the amazing aerials with the C-130. They were all captured on the Red Dragon in 6K with the Shotover.
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Skydive Team — These guys are AMAZING athletes and were complete ninjas in the sky!

Marshall Miller
Steve Curtis
Jesse Hall
Travis Fienhage
Jonathon Curtis
Chris Argyle
Mike Chapman

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Alien Contact: What Happens Next?

Are we alone in this vast universe? Some think that’s highly unlikely. With new technologies joining the search, NASA estimates we’ll find definitive evidence of aliens within 20 to 30 years. Which raises the vital question: And then what? Will the news inspire jubilation, despair, or fear? Will aliens be seen as gods or interlopers? Evidence of alien life will provoke fundamental questions about our place in the universe–not just about who they are, but also who we are. Join astronomers, astrobiologists, anthropologists, philosophers, and linguists as we ponder these issues.

PARTICIPANTS: Kathryn Denning, David Kipping, Karen Lewis, and Marcelo Magnasco

MODERATOR: Wendy Zukerman


This program is part of the BIG IDEAS SERIES, made possible with support from the JOHN TEMPLETON FOUNDATION.

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0:17 — Participant intros
1:50 — How are scientists searching for intelligent life?
5:10 — Sending messages into space
6:59 — What kind of alien signal are we likely to detect?
9:00 — Would we be able to interpret an alien signal?
13:44 — What is the closest that intelligent life could be to Earth?
16:25 — How would we know if far away transmitting civilizations still exist?
20:00 — How well can we communicate with dolphins?
24:19 — Dolphin research film
26:27 — Understanding dolphins vs. understanding aliens
28:44 — What are the steps to understand an alien language?
38:02 — What happens on earth after we contact alien life?
44:40 — «War of the Worlds» broadcast controversy and damage
46:40 — Will the discovery of aliens unite humanity?
50:39 — What if we’re alone in the universe?
53:10 — Could AI help us find aliens?
54:20 — Using our children to bridge languages and species


— Produced by John Plummer
— Associate Produced by Laura Dattaro

This program was recorded live 6/3/18 at the World Science Festival and has been edited and condensed for YouTube.

Alien Movies On Netflix That Should Be Required Viewing

Humans will always be curious about whether or not we have galactic neighbors, and if they would be our friends or foes. Maybe the answers are in the stars or in secret government files. Until we know the truth, we have some great movies on Netflix about alien visitors. Minor spoilers ahead!

Have you ever had a nightmare that comes true? If so, you might be intrigued by the premise of the film Extinction. Thats exactly what happens to Peter, who begins having bad dreams about an invading force that comes to Earth, threatening the safety of his family and everything he holds dear. Little does he know that these disturbing nightmares would actually turn out to be premonitions. When he visits a psychiatrist to get to the root of these dreams, he encounters another patient whos been suffering from the same night terrors, and he begins to wonder if there is something bigger going on.

Unfortunately, Peters suspicions prove to be correct: one night, spaceships suddenly descend upon the city and attack. Peter and his wife manage to snag a weapon from one of the invading soldiers, and Peter utilizes the knowledge from his visions to protect his family, but his understanding of whats actually happening can only get them so far. Peter is about to discover that he was receiving these visions for a reason, and when he finds out why, the knowledge turns his life upside down.

A road trip with friends goes very, very wrong in The Signal. Three MIT students, Jonah, Nic, and Haley, are driving all the way across the United States. Haley is relocating to California, and the guys are coming along to help out with the move. Nic worries that Haleys new life will complicate his relationship with her. However, all of these troubles will soon fade into the background when the trio is faced with a much more dire threat.

As the three friends settle into their hotel room for the night, they discover that a hacker named NOMAD has been tracking them and found their location. This isnt their first run-in with the hacker. NOMAD almost got them expelled back at MIT when they were accessing the schools private servers. Nic and Jonah decide to get back at NOMAD by tracking the hackers location and heading to the abandoned house where he is supposedly hiding out. When they arrive, they find nothing, but when Haley is suddenly pulled into the sky, it becomes obvious that the group has stumbled into something they never could have imagined. Keep watching the video to see all the alien movies on Netflix that should be required viewing.


Extinction | 0:00
The Signal | 1:21
Revolt | 2:22
Beyond Skyline | 3:31
At First Light | 4:23
The Darkest Dawn | 5:15
Under the Skin | 6:10
Apollo 18 | 6:58
Occupation | 7:49
Cloverfield | 8:58
Evolution | 10:08

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Why We May Be Surrounded by Older Alien Civilizations

Are alien civilizations likely to be younger or older than us in age? A basic question that seems insurmountable until we start detecting them. But even before that, we can use some logical deduction using lifetime distribution statistics to determine the most plausible answer to this question. Join us today for an explanation of our new research paper on this topic.

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[HoI4] Alien Invasion Mod w/ Historic WW2 Timeline [AI Only Timelapse]

HoI4 «Historic» AI-Only WW2 timelapse with Alien Invasion mod. What if reported Foo Fighters were actual alien sightings?

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Hearts of Iron 4 AI only simulation.

Historic, Buffed Majors

Alien Invasion Mod
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